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Horns for Sale at Patterson Hornworks

Last Updated - October 3, 2016

Below is a list of the horns we currently have in stock and for sale. More pictures are available upon request. Please contact us for more details.

New Horns:

 ◊ Patterson Triple ML
 ◊ Patterson Descant L
 ◊ Patterson Kruspe XL
Pre-owned Horns:

 ◊ Conn 8D - Eastlake
 ◊ Kruspe Gumbert model

Want to sell your horn? We would be happy to list your horn on this page. Contact us for more details.

New Horns:

Patterson Triple - Medium-large Model


  ◊ Patterson Custom Triple #25 - built in May 2016
  ◊ Yellow brass
  ◊ Detachable bell
  ◊ String linkages on levers 1,2,3
  ◊ Mechanical linkages on thumb levers
  ◊ Medium-large bell model
  ◊ Hand-hammered bell flare
  ◊ Adjustable finger hook & flipper
  ◊ 2 waterkeys

$17,000 as configured          

Patterson Descant - Large Model


  ◊ Patterson Custom Descant #15 - built in July 2013
  ◊ This horn has been shown at many exhibits over the last few years
  ◊ Yellow brass
  ◊ Detachable bell
  ◊ String linkages
  ◊ Large bell model
  ◊ Hand-hammered bell flare
  ◊ Stopping valve
  ◊ Low-F extension also available (+$1500)

Regular price: $11,500  Current price: $10,500          

Patterson Kruspe - Extra-large Model


  ◊ Patterson Kruspe #85 - built in February 2016
  ◊ Nickel silver
  ◊ Detachable bell
  ◊ Extra-large bell
  ◊ String linkages
  ◊ Adjustable finger hook
  ◊ Waterkey on leadpipe

$10,625 as configured          

Pre-owned Horns:

Conn 8D - Eastlake


  ◊ Nickel silver
  ◊ String linkages
  ◊ Newly cleaned and serviced
  ◊ Lacquer has been stripped, but some pitting remains


Kruspe Gumbert model


  ◊ Compensating double horn
  ◊ In excellent condition
  ◊ Recently restored & re-lacquered
  ◊ Yellow brass
  ◊ Fixed bell
  ◊ Mechanical linkages
  ◊ Newly cleaned and serviced
  ◊ Good valve compression
  ◊ Comes with original case


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Our Horns:

Patterson Custom Double Horns: Our Custom Double Horns are always for sale! For more information, please click here.

Patterson Bb High F Custom Descant: Available with or without stopping valve. Please click here for more info.

Hoyer Horns: We sell factory Hoyer horns, as well as upgraded "Hybrid" models. For more information on our "Hyrbid" Hoyer horns, please click here. For a complete list of the factory Hoyer Horns we sell, please click here.

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If you are interested in any of these instruments, please contact us for more information.

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