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Custom Built Horns

"...the Patterson Horn helped to raise the Horn sound in the Hollywood Recording Studios to a new and higher level. The overall pitch, projection, overtones, tonal color, extreme register production, solo definition and efficiency is clearly better.

Composers Bruce Broughton, John Debney, Dennis McCarthy, Aaron Zigman and George Clinton have commented very positively on the horn sound with the new Patterson equipment."

- Brian O'Connor, Hollywood recording artist, Professor of Horn, UCLA.

Patterson Custom Horns: Spectacular instruments representing dramatic improvements of legendary horn designs. Many feel that our double horn is the best Kruspe wrap instrument ever made. Our new Descant is becoming known as "the descant that doesn't sound (or play) like one!"

"People said it sounds like a voice, not like a horn, others say I sound better now than ever!"
- Jamie Hersch, International solo artist, Associate Principal Horn, Singapore Symphony

We achieve these worthy accomplishments with quality parts and materials, expert craftsmanship, and extensive assembly experience. While our instruments are played every day in the Hollywood studios (and can be heard on every motion picture scored in Hollywood), they are also very versatile instruments which are played in symphony orchestras, Broadway show orchestras, and chamber music ensembles worldwide.

For more information on our Custom horns, click here.

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Modified Horns

"Wow! This horn is awesome. I guess I'm a better horn player with your horn."
- Gareth Mollison, London Philharmonic

Patterson Hybrid Horns: A fusion of technologies utilizing the best aspects of factory production technology and handmade craftsmanship. The superb results surpass even some custom made instruments. This horn is played by students, college horn majors, and pros.

Patterson Horn Conversions: Similar in concept to the Hybrid horns but tailored to the specific needs of the individual player. Typically, these modifications are done on customer owned horns.

For more information on our Hybrid and modified horns, click here.

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Factory Built Instruments

We play test all horns and make any necessary adjustments prior to sale. We guarantee you will get a great playing instrument.

Patterson Hornworks has developed a series of adjustments which usually result in dramatic results. We have pretty much figured out how to eliminate the need to test out a number of factory horns in order to find a good one. With these adjustments, all production horns can be great.

We currently offer instruments made by: Hans Hoyer, Conn-Selmer and Eastman Winds.

For more information on the factory horns we sell, click here.

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New and Used Horns for Sale

All of the horns we sell have gone through our thorough inspection process. Among those listed are horns on consignment, trade-ins, and horns of special interest.

For more information and a list of our horns for sale, click here.

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